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Nose Budz™ are the only nasal filter that can stop aerosolized viral particles that cause Flus and Viruses.

Purify the air you breathe

Nose Budz™ are clinically proven by FDA labs to reduce the inhalation bacteria, allergens, pollution, pet dander and molds by up to 99%. Nose Budz are specifically engineered so that the filter is engaged during inhalation and is open during exhalation.

Prevent Seasonal Allergies

Effectively reduces the amount of pollen, mold spores, and other allergens that irritate people and cause sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, itchy, watery and runny eyes.

Protect yourself when traveling

Nose Budz™ provides protection against Flu viruses and other harmful air pathogens especially for individuals who expose themselves to recycled and contaminated air. Protect yourself in high-risk areas such as airplanes, trains, buses, and other public areas or any crowded environments.

Say No to flu, Virus, allergens, bacteria & pollutants

Nose Budz™ are designed to stop bacteria particles the size of offending droplets of 1 micron or larger while maintaining sufficient air flow to allow normal breathing. It can be worn discretely and comfortably for up to 12 hours.

Dust, Airbone bacteria, mold

Nose Budz™ Effectively Reduces Respiratory Exposure to Airborne dust, bacteria, and molds.

Pet hair, dander & other animal

Reduces the inhalation of pet dander, pet hair pet fur, from cats or dogs, feathers from birds or pet rodents. All can cause reactions in people who are specifically allergic to these triggers.

Exhaust fumes, smoke, fires

Nose Budz™ powerful filters helps reduce inhalation of harmful pollutants such as Second-hand smoke, gasses, vehicle exhaust, asbestos exposure and general air pollution.

Lawn, dust & household chemicals

Nose Budz™ effectively reduces the amount of grass pollen, household infectious particles from common cleaning products that trigger respiratory symptoms such as asthma and other chronic breathing disorders.